Year 8 – The Ancient to Modern World


At Living History Australia we believe that history comes alive for children when they are presented with a past with which they can interact; with its sights, sounds and feel.  For this reason, every two hour LHA presentation is delivered from a stage set up complete with hundreds of artefacts from the period we are presenting.Templar Knight

Every presentation includes characters from the past that the students can interact with. Students are also invited from the audience to dress in period clothes and learn first-hand what it was like for them to live in that time. Towards the end of every performance all students are invited to explore the stage and handle the artefacts and ask individual questions of the presenters regarding both the artefacts and any aspect of the presentation.

For those who book an activity day, the presentation continues for the remainder of the day with students learning and partaking in an array of period dancing, games and pastimes (contact the LHA office for a list of current activities).

Characters & Presentation TopicsArab

Our presenters will employ a young Scandinavian Trader to explore where the notion of a ‘blood thirsty Viking’ emerged from. Students will discover how this image has been passed down to us, and how history was recorded in the first place to give such a vivid image of a vicious warrior intent only on raid, pillage and plunder. Our young trader will learn the customs of his homeland, discover new worlds, and take advantage of a situation in order to reap a bountiful reward. But all this comes at the cost of being forever labelled the scourge of God.

Students will come to understand the fundamental unfairness of the feudal system, as a young Knight is raised to serve his King but also keep his peasants in line. By examining the equipment, training, and tactics of the European Knight it will become clear how the elite ‘haves’ managed to maintain control over the much more populous ‘have-nots’ for centuries. Meanwhile far to the East, Japan is controlled by a Shogun, the leader of a warrior class unlike anything the West has ever witnessed. A Samurai woman will be brought forth to contrast the overtly masculine knight and to illustrate the stark differences between the two societies in terms of social organisation, gender roles, tactics, and even philosophy.

Death sweeps through Europe as a mysterious sickness wipes out entire towns, cripples the economy, and forever changes the social realities of the feudal system. A doctor will attempt to combat the spreading pestilence, experimenting with medieval medical and surgery techniques to save his patients. He will witness the rise in religious fervour as fanatical flagellants roam the countryside, see a scapegoat found in Europe’s Jewish population, and finally deal with the fallout of a society turned on its head.

The church seeks to maintain its authority in Europe as dangerous new ideas begin to undermine the doctrines of Rome. A Dominican Monk will be inducted into the Pope’s Inquisition, serving in his role as Inquisitor to seek out Heretics, who by thought, word or deed threaten to bring low the teachings of the Church. A Watchman, former mercenary and veteran of countless battles, will be enlisted by the Monk to assist in the extraction of confession from Heretics in his town, through methods which may turn even his seasoned stomach. Finally a young girl approaches the happiest day of her life, her wedding, but before the ceremony will find herself hauled before the Inquisition charged with the most heinous crime of Heresy. Through this section students will be treated to themes of medieval love and loss, crime and punishment, and religious dogma and heresy.

Our presentation come in two formats – a 2hr Performance and a Full Activity Day.


A 2hr Performance is $12 (GST exempt) per student and the Full Activity Day is $17 (GST exempt) per student. Minimum fees apply see below.

Greater Brisbane Area:

Minimum fee equal to 60 students

Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba:

Minimum fee equal to 80 students

Sydney (on Tour) and outside South East Queensland by application:

Minimum fee equal to 100 students

Other Information

We recognise that every school has different start, break and finish times. We also recognise that each school delivers their curriculum with different focuses and emphases. Living History Australia’s presentations and activity days are flexible and can accommodate your school’s timetable. We also encourage you, when booking, to share with us what you are covering in class and the areas you would like us to focus upon.