Australia as a Nation – From Eureka to Federation and Equality

Program Description

Dressed as an English Trooper a student aids this performance while an LHA presenter discusses the tensions that are once again rising on the Goldfields as Miners come face to face with a corrupt and uncaring Law Enforcement Office. The unfortunate mine workers are becoming caught up in the seemingly hopeless situation of no representation leading to harsher restrictions and the worsening risk of being ‘fleeced’ or cheated. Should they take the risk of standing up for fair treatment? If they fail the consequences could be loss of life itself! Will the fledgling Victorian government listen to reason? Can a peaceful solution be found?

Our presenter will state the case for a Nation, with the help of a student garbed as a Victorian Era Businessman. Students will gain a better understanding of Federation through the discussion of topics such as immigration, the burgeoning yet confusing Colonial economy, legal reformation and the need for a National Defence Force. However, while our businessman may be patting himself on the back for a job well done in setting up the Commonwealth of Australia, he will soon find himself squaring off against an unexpected adversary who challenges the status quo.

A student will play the role of Suffragette as one of our presenters explains the ideals of Suffrage and the rights that this woman is fighting for. The Suffragette will step forth to proclaim the need for a female vote and, with the help of the LHA presenters, will engage in a debate with the stuffy, old-fashioned businessman who is stuck in the past. Our team will encourage students to put forth arguments and counter arguments, and a referendum shall be undertaken that will make history.