The Ancient World – Egypt, China, Greece and Rome

Program Description

A student will be dressed as Egyptian Priestess, Ysmyry (Yis-meer-ee), to help explain the importance of religion in the lives of the Ancient Egyptians. Our presenter will describe the role she will play as a priestess in the Temple of Bastet but how she must first know her place as a young woman in Egyptian society. Everyday tasks involved in running a household, like haggle in the markets, will help her appreciate how pivotal religion is to living a happy and prosperous life and lead her to a clearer understanding of how she herself can best serve the Gods.

Welcome to Han Dynasty China…two students will be asked to assist our presenters with this story of a young man, Wu, who is called away from his usual duties overseeing his father’s land, to provide labour for the Emperor. Students will hear how Wu and his friend, Xiao witness the awesome power of the Han Emperors, as they are put to work redirecting rivers to defend the province from their enemy, the marauding Hsiung-nu. Our presenter will then talk about how Wu is appointed to serve at the court of a provincial governor where he discovers a world of remarkable luxury and wonder. Elevated to Junior Officer, a position of great authority and prestige, he quickly learns that this shiny, lavish court life can be just as dangerous as a battlefield.

Learn why ancient citizenship is so important to a young Spartan boy called Lysander. A student will represent Lysander and our presenters will explain why is he willing to brave the hellish Agoge, risking his life on many difficult and dangerous trials before he is even 16 years old? The LHA presenter will describe the Spartan path to manhood, how perilous it could be and how the young man’s ordeals do not end there. If he survives the trials, he will become a Spartan Citizen and must then face the full responsibilities of being a Spartan man: life as a warrior, state expectations, and most mysterious of all, the Spartan Woman and the terrifying prospect of marriage!

Come with us on a tour of Rome under the Flavian Emperors and learn of the dangers of the worlds’ greatest city. A student will join this presentation by becoming a rising star of the Gladiatorial Arena, a brave warrior woman from beyond the Danube, a Gladiatrix called Amazonia! The presenter will tell the story of how she was enslaved as a young girl, once a captive but now trained to fight for the amusement of Rome’s citizens. Another student will then don the armour of a Roman Legionary deployed to an outpost on the borders of the Empire, constantly attacked by hordes of barbarous German tribesmen. Our presenter will describe the genius of the Roman Military Complex and explain why this brave soldier is willing to wade through mud, blood and gore for the Glory of Rome. Students will then meet one of our presenters as the character, Senator Gaius Lupus, and enter the world of Roman politics where no one can be trusted…et tu, Brute! The Senator will talk about how the client-patron system of Rome worked and how it could be exploited to great effect by the wealthy elite. He will even let the students in on some of his plans as he unscrupulously manipulates those who seek his aid in order to increase his own prestige and benefit his personal political agenda.