Why book us?

  • We deliver interactive and educational presentations aligned to the Australian History Curriculum (ACARA) for years 4 – 10 that bring history to life for students.


  • We bring hundreds of high quality historical reproductions of period artefacts into your school and allow your students to handle and wear them.


  • Our programs are written and presented by degree qualified staff.


  • Our programs are vetted by the Education Department and represent the longest running accredited historical presentation programs currently on tour in schools.


  • We provide comprehensive teacher support through the booking, risk assessment and on day presentation processes.


  • Being an accredited program guarantees that our staff have been approved through the Child Safety Commissioner, carry appropriate and adequate insurances and have the proven experience necessary to deliver a credible educational experience.


  • Over the past 15 years we have presented to over 200 000 students across Australia and have incorporated the feedback from hundreds of teachers to ensure that our programs remain entertaining, interactive and relevant to contemporary teaching needs.