MichelleMichelle Fitzsimmons – CEO

Michelle has a Diploma in Graphic Arts and has studied Anthropology and Archaeology at the University of Queensland. She has been re-enacting for nearly 15 years and is particularly interested in Apothecary and Medical practices throughout history. She is currently a member of An T-arm Mhontrois, portraying a Scottish Jacobite Apothecary at the Battle of Culloden and Sons of Liberty, a American War of Independence living history group.

Terry Fitzsimmons

Dr Terry Fitzsimmons – Managing Director

Terry is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Queensland and has been involved in re-enactment in Australia for over 25 years. He is currently President of the Queensland Living History Federation, a position he has held for the past 8 years. He is passionate about all eras of history having re-enacted everything from Imperial Rome to the Scottish Jacobite Rebellion and is currently in the process of starting an American War of Independence re-enactment group called Sons of Liberty.

Roland Wolf

Roland Wolf – Team Manager

Roland has been a re-enactor for 20 years and is the font of knowledge for all things historical. He has studied History at the University of New England and has travelled the globe in the quest to experience history first hand in places like England, Greece, Turkey and Italy (just to name a few). Roland has been involved with LHA since its inception in 1998 and has been pivotal in the development of our programs.

Robert (Bear) ClendinenRobert (Bear) Clendinen – Presenter

Robert, aka Bear, has been involved in re-enactment for nearly 18 years in various groups ranging from Imperial Rome to Dark Age Viking, High Medieval to 16th Century English and is currently President of An T-arm Mhontrois, a living history group that recreates 17th and 18th Century Scottish culture. He has worked on and off with LHA for 10 years and has completed a Diploma in Screen and Media with the New York Film Academy.

Lee treadwellLee Treadwell – Presenter

Prior to joining LHA Lee spent time as a High School History and PE Teacher. He has always been passionate about history, so much so that he has just completed a Bachelor of Ancient History through Macquarie University. His historical interests cover a wide spectrum ranging from Imperial Rome to the Second World War, with an expanding interest in numismatics (the study of coins). He has been re-enacting with The Knights Templar for 2 years and is driven by a passion for both history and education, believing that both should be made accessible to people of all backgrounds.


Michelle Fitzsimmons – Admin